A new product has joined the Unisto’s sustainable products family!

Sustainable products and processes have been on Unisto's agenda for more than a decade and have already ended in numerous projects. All respective activities are part of everyday life at Unisto. The environmental statement « Unisto green Footprint » is the guideline and philosophy for achieving the sustainability goals in the company. This also influences the product portfolio and the design of our production processes.

Following the Green Footprint strategy, we are happy to present to you a new solution in our sustainable products assortment: Unisto Varis eco. 

Unisto Varis eco is the new version of the well-established Unisto Varis, the adjustable length security seal ideal to seal any kind of bag. From the standard version we have reduced the existing width of the strap from 7 mm to 4 mm and we offer two strap lengths, 330 mm and 240 mm, so that the  product can be used for a wide range of applications. 

But what is new and remarkable is something else! Unisto Varis eco is available in two different eco-friendly materials:

  • Unisto Varis eco made in Ecograde
  • Unisto Varis eco made in Bio-based PE

Unisto Varis eco made in Ecograde PP

We have already presented you this new material, Ecograde. Ecograde is made of 100% recycled PP, which comes from production wastes. Plastic waste gets a second life and is turned into a WOW, sustainable material without compromising the technical and security characteristics necessary to develop our high demanding security seals.  

Unisto Varis eco made in Bio-based PE

Have you ever thought that it is possible to produce security seals with sugar cane? Yes it is! 

We are proud to present you this brand new material, Bio based PE! Unisto Varis eco made in Bio based PE is a security seal with a very high percentage of bio based content: 94% is made with sugar cane and it is 100% recyclable.
As sugar cane is a renewable raw material we can with this material reduce the use and need of fossil raw materials, which are not renewable.
Also Bio PE has no mechanical or security feature limitations.

Green materials for the production of our security seals 

Thanks to our new materials and product developments we can promote an efficient use of  the existing resources and reduce the impact of our activities on the environment. 

Per 5 million seals, we reduce the use of materials by over 6 tonnes and thus dramatically reduce CO2 emissions and the use of fossil resources.

If you have any questions regarding our green materials Ecograde and Bio PE please do not hesitate to contact us.